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Getting ready for exams can be expensive, take up a lot of time, and be tiring.That's why we made R.test, an assessment platform that uses AI to check where you are and give a complete picture of what you aregood at and what needs improvement.


We Know Your Struggles

It’s so demanding to take a 3-hour long test just to know my score.



I need a ACT score to study abroad. Where do I start?



I’m a self-guided student and need to prepare myself for the upcoming ACT.



Don't WorryR.test Has Got Your Back!

R.test is an AI-powered adaptive assessment platform that predicts a student’s test readiness with speed and accuracy. Revolutionize the way you prepare for tests.



With R.test Mini, you can get your score in just 1/4 of the time.



Our analytics report provides 10 types of personalized insights.



Expert-crafted, our content mirrors the actual test with precision and quality.


I found R.test incredibly helpful.

Their diagnostic test made my prep so much easier. It pinpointed my areas of improvement, helping me focus and improve efficiently.


Self-directed learning for high-scoring students.

R.test supports my child’s self-directed learning, enabling him to aim for high scores while providing a continuous self-evaluation process.


R.test Mini is the ultimate time-saver.

It not only halved my workload but also identified areas where my students needed improvement. A time-saver, it’s a fantastic tool for educators.

Choose Your Diagnostic TestFind What’s Right for You

Choose Your Diagnostic Test

the clock running slowly

R.test Full

Full-Length Real Test Conditions

the clock running fast

R.test Mini

Fast and Accurate AI Diagnosis

For students preparing for upcoming exams

For students who are short on time

Simulate the real exam experience with our full-scale mock test for comprehensive preparation.

Assess your readiness for upcoming exams and quickly pinpoint areas for improvement.

For educators seeking a weekly diagnostic tool for their students

For educators seeking immediate insights into their students' academic proficiency

Address student questions and reinforce areas for improvement with practice sections.

Utilize R.test Mini to evaluate where your students are standing.

Features of Full Test


215 Questions

English75 Questions
Math60 Questions
Reading40 Questions
Science40 Questions

2 Hour 55 Minutes

English45 Minutes
Math60 Minutes
Reading35 Minutes
Science35 Minutes

Actual Test Score


Step-by-Step Visual Explanations


Chances of Acceptance for Target School


Time & Pace Analysis


Skill Analysis by Topics


Features of Mini Test


Curated 40 Questions

English10 Questions
Math10 Questions
Reading10 Questions
Science10 Questions

43 Minutes

English11 Minutes
Math9 Minutes
Reading13 Minutes
Science10 Minutes

Predicted Test Score


Step-by-Step Visual Explanations


Chances of Acceptance for Target School


Time & Pace Analysis


Skill Analysis by Topics


Practice Questions

A Closer Look at R.test ACT®

Check How We Predicted Your Score with thePrediction Heatmap

Based on how you answer given questions, our AI will analyze your probability of getting correct responses on remaining questions.

heatmap previewheatmap preview

Practice in an Online Test Setting Similar to the Actual Test

Practice the ACT® in an environment that closely resembles the real test.

test environmenttest environment

Want to Know Howthe Actual Report Looks Like?

Get a glimpse of our AI-powered analytics report.

report previewreport preview

Review with the Step-by-StepVisual Explanations

Practice the ACT® in an environment that closely resembles the real test.

image explanationimage explanation

Practice AI- Recommended QuestionsBased on Your Areas of Improvement

practice questionspractice questions



Get your score in just 43 minutes


*1 Set Price

40 Questions

43 Mins

  • Predicted score
  • 10 Personalized insights
  • Visual explanations
  • Extra practice questions
  • Recommended official guide questions


Experience real test conditions


*1 Set Price

215 Questions

175 Mins

  • Actual score
  • 10 Personalized insights
  • Visual explanations
  • Actual test setting
  • Recommended official guide questions

PlusMost Popular

Enjoy all-in-one, Mini & Full


*1 Set Price


40 Questions

43 Mins


215 Questions

175 Mins

  • One purchase, two experiences: The Mini and Full tests both derive questions from the same test dataset.
10 Questions15 Mins

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We Have Been Featured in:

“Mr. Jang said R.test is part of an effort to collect data and prove its algorithms’ efficacy in other domains. Riiid researchers continue to develop novel architectures and higher-performing AI models that can track student behavior, trace student knowledge and select the best content to study at any given time.”


See What Our Students Say


R.test helps prepare for tests efficiently

“felt much shorter than I expected.”

It’s a really fast and efficient way to calculate your score. The diagnostic test is just about 10 questions per section, so it felt much shorter than I expected and yet it still seems accurate.

Edward, 11th grade

“perfect tool to practice for digital SAT”

This is a perfect tool to practice for the digital SAT. I highly recommend this to students and tutors who need to be ready for the SAT format changes next year.

Joon, SAT tutor


Predicted score is accurate

“tells you exactly what you need to work on.”

R.test’s report is totally different from other reports I’ve seen before. Others only give a score, but this gives you a detailed report that tells you exactly what you need to work on.

Nehemiah, 11th grade

“enables me to provide personal guidance ”

As a counselor who looks over dozens of students, pointing to the ‘Top 3 areas for improvement’ is a really helpful feature. It enables me to provide personal guidance to my students in a limited time.

KJ, counselor


Would recommend R.test to peers

“very close to official sets”

The diagnostic test takes less than an hour so it’s a great way to check up on a student’s capability before the actual test. There are not many quality practice sets out there, but this is very close to official sets.

Brian, SAT tutor

“quick, easy, and accessible”

I would recommend this to students new to SAT to casually check their scores without spending too much effort and cost. R.test is quick, easy, and accessible.

August, counselor

Meet Our AI Lab

Our AI lab and education experts work together to develop new and better ways of assessing knowledge. By dramatically reducing the time taken to evaluate student knowledge while providing personalized insights, we help students and educators to achieve their goals.

234 Experts involved in creating R.test

34+ Patents registered

332,100 Data points used for training AI

130M+ Interaction data from 1M+ students

15+ Research papers published

For detailed information on the ACT®, click here to access the official website.

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R.test is an AI-powered diagnostic test platform that evaluates student’s test readiness. Our mission is to get rid of inefficiency and inequality from test prep industry by making assessments more adaptive, accessible, and reliable.

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