AI knows your score better than anyone

See it, then you will believe it. The Score Prediction AI knows what score you will get.

How many people would walk into an exam feeling calm and confident?

Unless you are in the top 1% who strikes every exam, the 99% will feel uncertain and start questioning themselves. Am I prepared? Did I do enough exercise? What if the exam this year is more difficult than the practice set I solved last night? Another case (many of you would relate to) is that you could not do a practice test right before the exam because you ran out of them. It is a reality. There aren’t many proper practice sets available out there.

So you have no choice but to walk in without knowing how you will perform. This is exactly what we wanted to change. We wanted to give that confidence and reassurance to students, and the Score Prediction model was our solution.

AI knows your score better than anyone

The score prediction model predicts how a learner would perform in a standardized test based on the learner’s problem-solving data. This is different from just calculating how many questions you got right out of a total number of questions. What it doesn’t do is: if you get 7 questions right out of 10, it gives you 70%. What it does is: even if you solve a limited number of questions, the AI analyzes the complex information embedded in each question and how a student interacts with the question considering factors like the time spent solving it, and finally predicts your score that is as accurate as the real exam.

To explain further, it becomes very technical. But what we can tell you more is that the model has been presented at renowned AI conferences such as Educational Data Mining(EDM) and the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence(AAAI), proving its performance and efficiency. And it has also been tested in a real learning scenario.

87.38%* of students who already have SAT or ACT scores responded that the R.test score predictions were fairly accurate to their actual test scores. (*From beta test user survey: September 2022, n=103)

Knowing the score can do more magic

Knowing your score not only gives you comfort; it motivates you too. We studied how a more accurate prediction of a student’s academic performance could influence the student’s engagement with an online platform intelligent tutoring system(ITS). The results showed that overall learning activity and retention have increased with a more accurate score prediction model. Learn more about the research here

Stop doubting yourself. See it, then you will believe it.

Walk into an exam with confidence. It is possible with R.test’s Score Prediction.

Let R. test set a smart path for you! Discover your strengths and weaknesses with R. test Let R. test set a smart path for you! Discover your strengths and weaknesses with R. test

R.test is an AI-powered diagnostic test platform that evaluates student’s test readiness. Our mission is to get rid of inefficiency and inequality from test prep industry by making assessments more adaptive, accessible, and reliable.

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