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Getting ready for exams can be expensive, take up a lot of time, and be tiring.That's why we made R.test, an assessment platform that uses AI to check where you are and give a complete picture of what you aregood at and what needs improvement.

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AI Powered Digital SAT® Assessment

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At R.test, we offer a focused learning journey from assessment to knowledge building.

Uncover your learning patterns with our analytics report

Experience our AI technology’s in-depth analysis, offering insights like score prediction, potential dream schools, and much more.

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Pinpoint areas for growth

Enhance efficiency and time management by focusing on areas that need improvement.

Pinpoint areas for growth

Tackle more questions and progress using report suggestions

Find out more question types and concepts through R.test Q Bank.

Tackle more questions and progress using report suggestions

Why You Should Prepare with R.test for the Digital SAT®

Probability of Correct ResponsesPrediction Heatmap

Based on how you answer given questions, our AI will analyze your probability of getting correct responses on remaining questions.


Close-to-RealTest Environment

Practice the Digital SAT® under real conditions that closely resembles the Bluebook™.

test environment preview

ImmersiveAdaptive Testing

Just like the official test, R.test is stage-adaptive.

test format

Boost Your Skills withTargeted Practice

Our AI technology will identify core concepts that require your attention, and offer personalized set of practice questions to elevate your comprehension and skills.

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Review withStep-by-StepVisual Explanations

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Choose Your Diagnostic TestFind What’s Right for You

Choose Your Diagnostic Test

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R.test Full

Full-Length Real Test Conditions

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R.test Mini

Fast and Accurate AI Diagnosis

For students preparing for upcoming exams

For students who are short on time

Simulate the real exam experience with our full-scale mock test for comprehensive preparation.

Assess your readiness for upcoming exams and quickly pinpoint areas for improvement.

For educators seeking a weekly diagnostic tool for their students

For educators seeking immediate insights into their students' academic proficiency

Address student questions and reinforce areas for improvement with practice sections.

Utilize R.test Mini to evaluate where your students are standing.

Features of Full Test


98 Questions

Reading & Writing54 Questions
Math44 Questions

2 Hour 14 Minutes

Reading & Writing64 Minutes
Math70 Minutes

Actual Test Score




Step-by-Step Visual Explanations


Chances of Acceptance for Target School


Time & Pace Analysis


Skill Analysis by Topics


Practice Questions

Features of Mini Test


Curated 20 Questions

Reading & Writing10 Questions
Math10 Questions

28 Minutes

Reading & Writing14 Minutes
Math14 Minutes

Predicted Test Score




Step-by-Step Visual Explanations


Chances of Acceptance for Target School


Time & Pace Analysis


Skill Analysis by Topics


Practice Questions

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Introducing Q Bank!Find What’s Right for You

1500+ Questions

The Largest Question Bank with over 1500+ Questions

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Inviting All Learners - Elevate Your Scores with Q Bank!

High Quality Questions

High Quality Questions

Sharpen your skills with over 1500+ questions crafted to match the official Bluebook™ test format.

Test Customization

Test Customization

Customize your own test sets with various filters to meet your learning styles.

Unlimited Practice

Unlimited Practice

Embrace flexibility with our invaluable 90-Day plan that allows for infinite access.

How Does It Work?


You can create your own customized tests that better suit your individual needs.

See What Our Users Say

Felt much shorter than I expected.

It’s a really fast and efficient way to calculate your score. The diagnostic test is just about 10 questions per section, so it felt much shorter than I expected and yet it still seems accurate.

picture of Edward
11th grade

Edward 11th grade

Tells you exactly what you need to work on.

R.test’s report is totally different from other reports I’ve seen before. Others only give a score, but this gives you a detailed report that tells you exactly what you need to work on.

picture of Nehemiah
11th grade

Nehemiah 11th grade

Perfect tool to practice for Digital SAT®.

This is a perfect tool to practice for the Digital SAT®. I highly recommend this to students and tutors who need to be ready for the SAT® format changes next year.

picture of Joon
SAT tutor

Joon SAT tutor

Enables me to provide personal guidance.

As a counselor who looks over dozens of students, pointing to the ‘Top 3 areas for improvement’ is a really helpful feature. It enables me to provide personal guidance to my students in a limited time.

picture of KJ

KJ counselor

Quick, easy and accessbile.

I would recommend this to students new to SAT to casually check their scores without spending too much effort and cost. R.test is quick, easy, and accessible.

picture of August

August counselor

Very close to official sets.

The diagnostic test takes less than an hour so it’s a great way to check up on a student’s capability before the actual test. There are not many quality practice sets out there, but this is very close to official sets.

picture of Brian
SAT tutor

Brian SAT tutor

For detailed information on the Digital SAT®, click here to access the official website.

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