Dos and Don'ts in Digital SAT Testing

Master SAT online testing with essential dos and don'ts. Navigate the digital SAT with confidence. Read on for expert tips and strategies.

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In today's digital age, education has been through a major transformation. That includes the way we approach standardized testing. The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is one of the most important exams for college admissions. Historically, the SAT was always taken on paper but even this test has moved online. Taking the SAT online has introduced a whole new set of challenges and opportunities for test-takers. Navigating the landscape of SAT online testing requires a different strategic approach if you want to do your best. This article will explore the dos and don'ts of SAT digital testing. You’ll walk away with valuable insights that will help you conquer the online SAT with confidence.

Taking the SAT Online: What to Do

Familiarize Yourself with the Online Platform

Before test day, make sure you invest time getting acquainted with the digital SAT platform. Understand its features, layout, and navigation tools. Being familiar with how it looks and works will help reduce stress and make you more confused when it’s time to answer the questions.

Practice with Official SAT Practice Tests

Utilize the official SAT practice tests available online to simulate the test-taking experience. These practice tests mirror the format and content of the actual exam. This will make it much easier to identify your areas of weakness and fine-tune your time management skills.

Create a Comfortable Testing Environment

Choose a quiet and well-lit space for your test. Make sure there are no distractions! Put your phone away and ask family members not to pop in during your practice tests. Another pro tip: make sure your computer, internet connection, and required materials are all working so you avoid technical disruptions during the test.

Develop a Time Management Strategy

Effective time management is crucial for succeeding in the SATs. Divide your time evenly among the sections and questions. If you come across a difficult question, flag it and return to it later if there’s time. It’s better to answer the questions you are sure of first so you maximize the number of points you can get.

Practice Your Typing Skills

Since the SAT online testing involves typing essays and filling in responses using a keyboard, it’s essential that you know your way around one. Most people are pretty good at using keyboards these days, but it’s still a good idea to brush up on your typing speed and accuracy. This will help you excel during the essay portion of the SATs.

Review Your Answers Before Submitting

Set aside a few minutes at the end of each section to review your answers. This will help you be sure that you've responded to all the questions and haven't made any careless mistakes. A quick review can make all the difference on your final score.

Stay Calm and Composed

Approach the test with a calm and composed mindset. Stress and anxiety won’t do you any favors, so take a few deep breaths and stay confident. Trust that you’ve prepared enough and focus on each question as it comes.

Taking the SAT Online: What NOT to Do

DON’T Procrastinate Preparation

When it comes to SAT online test prep, avoid procrastination! We know it’s hard to get started but adequate preparation is absolutely necessary for success with the SATs. Even doing a little bit like getting familiar with the format, content, and strategies required for each section can go a long way.

DON’T Underestimate Technical Requirements

Never underestimate the technical requirements of the online SAT. Technical problems come up all the time in this day and age. To prevent them from interfering with your test, make sure your computer, browser, and internet connection are in good working condition. You don’t want something like a technical glitch to negatively impact your performance.

DON’T Neglect Time Management

Poor time management can lead to incomplete sections and rushed answers. Neglecting time management strategies can result in lower scores, so practice pacing yourself effectively during practice tests.

DON’T Rely Solely on Last-Minute Cramming

Relying on last-minute cramming is not an effective approach for the SAT (or any test, for that matter). The exam assesses your critical thinking skills and understanding of concepts, which cannot be adequately mastered through last-minute study sessions.

DON’T Skip Reading Instructions

The instructions provided on the SAT are there to help you understand the format of questions and how to respond. Skipping over the instructions could lead to misunderstandings and mistakes. Even if you think you know what they’re going to say, do yourself a favor by always reading and following the instructions carefully.

DON’T Obsess Over Perfection

Striving for perfection in every question can be counterproductive. While accuracy is important, getting stuck on one challenging question can eat up valuable time. If a question is really stumping you, consider moving on and returning to it later if time allows.

DON’T Disregard Test-Taking Strategies

Every section of the SAT has specific strategies that can help you tackle different types of questions efficiently. Disregarding these strategies can lead to mistakes that may lower your score.

Just like the regular SAT, SAT online testing is a strategy-based exam. Remember that thorough preparation, effective time management, and a calm demeanor are your allies. By implementing the dos and avoiding the don'ts, you can navigate the digital SAT with confidence and get the best possible score. For a comprehensive and user-friendly digital SAT experience, explore the benefits of Digital SAT®'s online testing platform. Take the first step towards your academic goals today.

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The shift to SAT online testing presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for aspiring college students. Follow these Dos and Don’ts for the digital SAT and you’ll be well prepared once test day comes along!

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